Problem Horses

We specialise in addressing problem or difficult horses in a non violent, professional manner.


Being the most comprehensively qualified Horse Whispering and Gentling
Specialists in Ireland, we have studied with most of the leading horse
whisperers in the world and provide all training in the most up to date
professional facilities.


We are not limited to any single training system and can provide real
solutions to real problems. This is essential when success is required.


A sample of the general issues encountered with horses that we can address:


> Loading > Travelling > Bucking
> Kicking > Rearing > Spooking / Biting
> Head Shy > Under Performing > Sourness
> Aggressive > Nervous > Stopping
> Box Walking > Won't go > Won't stop


Is your horse difficult to:


> Handle > Ride > Tack-Up
> Mount > Shoe > Groom


We offer:


> Courses and training in general handling and riding skills.


> New and Innovative specialist training methods in confidence building for handlers and riders.


> Competition training for show jumping and dressage.


To see how we can help you call us on +353-(0)-86-8380948 or email us on